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Episode Prompto? More like Metal Gear Prompto/Gears of Prompto/you can make your own jokes.

One of the really lovely things about Final Fantasy XV is the variety. As a J-RPG it’s a bit lacking – the story is inconsequential, crystal-backed nonsense, and at times the combat is repetitive and on-rails – but as an open-world game, the sheer amount of stuff to do is brilliant, almost to the point of being overwhelming.

Cooking, camping, fishing, photography for fun, photojournalism, creating recipes, gathering ingredients, chocobo racing, riding chocobos for travel, riding chocobos for fun, driving, collecting mix tapes, upgrading the car… I could go on all day.

But what it doesn’t have, at least in the vanilla game, is a third-person, stealth-based cover shooter mode. It has all of those things separately, again to varying degrees of success where the combat is concerned, but the Episode Prompto DLC brings them all together into a singular, more-focused experience, as this gameplay trailer highlights.

Think of Episode Prompto like adding a Metal Gear Solid V mod to the core Final Fantasy XV game, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Except without the balloon-based hilarity, obviously. And Cindy wears slightly more clothes than Quiet. Slightly.

We’ll find out for sure when it launches on June 27, 2017.

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