Fall Guys costume charity auction
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Updated: Fall Guys auctions off the chance to add a costume to the game for charity

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If you have very deep pockets, you might be able to get your brand’s design into Fall Guys as a costume.

Original story: August 18, 2020

You may have noticed that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been pretty successful. 2 million copies in three days (not including downloads from PS Plus) is not bad at all.

And if you haven’t, we can only assume you’ve been sitting in a darkened room listening to the Bugsnax tune on noise-cancelling headphones, or something.

But a side-effect of something becoming so successful, of Oliver and the marketing team hitting that social media goldmine, is that brands would like a piece of the action. All of the brands. All of them. Every single one. Or as we put it on Twitter:

We’re not going to run through all the brands that have suggested their own inclusion in Fall Guys, because frankly? Their social media has gotten completely out of hand and we’re finding it impossible to go back and find them all. But take our word for it – there are loads, and not just from other gaming franchises and associated businesses, as you might expect. The Colonel is just one example; we’ve seen Chuck E Cheese, Walmart, and even a bank trying to get in on the Fall Guys action, to name just a few.

So what does the responsible person in charge of Fall Guys on social media do with all these excitable hangers-on? Why, they use their infamy to extort money out of all of these eager brands, desperate to bask in the dewy glow of Fall Guys’ success. All for charity, of course.

The winning bid will – after boring legal paperwork, and a donation to the brilliant Special Effect charity – will confer upon the winning brand the opportunity to add a costume design of its choice in Fall Guys. (Within reason, obviously. We can’t imagine dressing up the Fall Guys in a big old dildo, for instance, will be acceptable in a family-friendly game. Sorry, Ann Summers.)

You have two weeks to get your bids in. Looking at some of the early bids, our pockets sadly won’t be deep enough, but yours might be.

Update, 7pm BST, August 31, 2020

It’s done. The auction is over. And the winner is…

…a last-minute snipe bid from a cabal of internet folks? Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson, esports organisation G2 Esports and weird video game training game thing called Aimlab have clubbed together a massive $1 million (the US, presumably) to get their unholy union of a costume into Fall Guys.

We have no idea what the final costume will be, but expect to see Ninja’s terrible haircut and bandanna, and some sort of weird shogun motif from G2 in the mix somewhere.

But aside from making fun of what is likely going to be the worst costume in the game, the important thing here is that Fall Guys used its meteoric rise to fame to do some good. This whole endeavour, in addition to being a bit of fun, has raised three-quarters of a million quid for Special Effect, a brilliant and extremely worthy charity that helps everyone play video games.

Perhaps the Special Effect Twitter account put it best:

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