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Fancy some Fallout 4 art on your walls? It’s going to cost you a lot of caps.

Having video game paraphernalia around your home, in days gone by, was a bit trashy. Looking at the quality of these Fallout 4 art prints from Cook and Becker – the self-proclaimed ‘next-gen art dealers – times have changed.

You may not be familiar with Cook and Becker, but they’ve got form in this area. They produce limited runs of very pretty video game art, from the painterly charm of ICO and Okami, through to the cinematic stories of BioShock Infinite, Uncharted and The Last of Us. Everything they do is very pretty, very cool, and often, quite rare. And limited runs, in this context, means not cheap; at least, not as cheap as your common-or-garden £4.99 poster.

Cook and Becker have realised that games often have beautiful art as a byproduct of the development process: concept art. So the Fallout 4 art prints, like many of the others before them, are based on concept art from the game’s development.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen these images – Bethesda released many of them to the press, and we’ve been using the concept art on articles about the game – but it is the first time Bethesda have officially licensed them to be sold as fine art prints and boy, are they lovely.

The Fallout 4 art prints are limited to 100 per image and are available with a variety of options for print materials, finishes and framing. You can even have it printed onto sheet aluminium, but tread lightly folks: there’s still only 100 of these images in total, regardless of the different varieties and combinations of finish.

We can’t help but feel like a limited edition run of Fallout 4 art prints should have been numbered up to 111, though.

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