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You’ll need a whopping 58GB for the Fallout 4 high res texture pack, and a monster graphics card to boot.

Bethesda, along with a big bunch of other developers, have been working hard to make best use of the extra oomph provided by the PS4 Pro. Whether that’s a better frame rate, higher resolution, improved textures, or some combination of the above, people want to see the best out of the new hardware.

One consequence of this extra work into pre-existing titles is that graphical improvements can also be made available to other platforms. Case in point: the Fallout 4 high res texture pack.

It’s a whopper, for starters. It’s a 58GB download for the high res texture pack alone – that’s not including the size of the base game package itself, already the best part of 30GB. The higher-detail textures and shinier surfaces aren’t just hungry for storage, though. You’re also going to need a powerful PC to push all those extra details around the screen, as detailed by a blog post over on the Bethesda site:

Fallout 4 high res texture pack recommended system requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
  • Intel Core i7-5820K or better
  • GTX 1080 8GB
  • 8GB+ Ram

Yep, you read that correctly. That may be an older model, but the i7-5820K is still a hex-core processor (with hyper-threading) and a base 3.3GHz clock speed. The turbo clock speed on that processor is 3.6GHz, but it’s also the ‘K’ designated unlocked version, which means you can overclock the hell out of it. Oh yeah, and that’s also a Pascal-powered Nvidia GTX 1080 with 8GB RAM in the list.

If you’ve got a PC that meets the lofty system requirements of the Fallout 4 high res texture pack – or don’t mind dropping the best part of a grand to facilitate the necessary upgrades – then the texture pack is available free of charge for all players.

Fallout 4 high res texture pack

That’s not to say you can’t give the Fallout 4 high res texture pack a crack on a lower-spec PC, of course, but your mileage (and frame rate) will most definitely vary. If you download it and find it borks your game, you can always swap back to the regular texture pack.

The Fallout 4 PS4 Pro update, that also includes updated textures and a 1440p resolution, will begin to roll out next week.

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