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It’s also available on Xbox Play Anywhere, which means you get cross-saves between Xbox One and Windows 10.

Fallout Shelter was popular when it released in Summer 2015. Riding high on the Fallout 4 announcement but with five months to go until the release of the game proper, it was the perfect time to unleash a free-to-play mobile game on the world.

Now the main Fallout 4 game has been and gone, with all the DLC now released, but Fallout Shelter support is still going strong, with regular events and new content popping up in the mobile-focused title. It does have one major drawback on mobile, though: it’s an absolute battery vampire.

The Fallout Shelter Xbox One version, which is out now, resolves that immediate issue. There’s no danger of your Xbox One running out of battery; well, not unless you’ve got a very strange setup, like the frankly bonkers Xbook One.

There’s also another advantage to the Fallout Shelter Xbox One version: it’s got cross-play compatibility – that’s Xbox Play Anywhere, in Microsoft parlance – between your console and Windows 10 PC, accessed via the Windows Store. That also includes cross-platform saves, which is a bonus.

Other than that? It’s basically the same Fallout Shelter everyone knows and loves, just on a much bigger screen. And it’s still free, even on Xbox One, which is a pleasant surprise.

Check out more details on the Fallout Shelter website.

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