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The Farming Simulator 17 Kuhn Equipment Pack brings, er, Kuhn farm equipment to Farming Simulator 17. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Lots of simulation games are only as good as their line-ups, be that sports games and their player rosters, or racing games and their collections of cars. Or, in this case, the amount of heavyweight farm machinery on offer.

Today sees the release of the Farming Simulator 17 Kuhn Equipment Pack on all platforms. Kuhn, if you’re not au fait with farming hardware, is an international manufacturer of heavy spinning things that do useful stuff for farmers. Look, we never claimed to be experts, alright?

Farming Simulator 17 Kuhn Equipment Pack

The takeaway here is that the Kuhn Equipment Pack brings 18 new pieces of machinery to the Farming Simulator 17 stable, including:

  • The Kuhn ESPRO 3000, voted “Machine of the year 2015”, will be the first 3 meter direct seeding sowing machine in Farming Simulator 17.
  • The SW 4014 and FBP 3135 offer incredible functionality and variety for handling bales on your farm.
  • The Kuhn DC 401, HR 4004, BTF 4000 and TF 1500 can be combined!
    • Use the TF 1500 as a seed tank in the front of your tractor.
    • The other three simultaneously cultivate, sow and add a “plow state” to your field from the back.

Machine of the year 2015? Why didn’t you just say so!

The Kuhn Equipment Pack is priced at £12.99 – or free for season pass holders – and is available right now for Windows PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One.

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