Final Fantasy VII Remake 5 million sales
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Final Fantasy VII Remake smashes another massive sales milestone

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Nearly half as many people who bought the original have already bought the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

It’s no secret that Final Fantasy VII has always been one of the biggest sellers for Square Enix, then Squaresoft. No single game in the series has sold more units, either upon original release, or when you include re-releases and remasters.

There is one modern Final Fantasy game that’s coming up fast on the rails of Final Fantasy VII, though – its own remake.

Where the original game has sold over 13 million copies, the Final Fantasy VII Remake sold 3.5 million in its first three days, and in the following four months, has now sailed past 5 million sales overall. It’s an impressive achievement for something we were genuinely very worried about prior to release.

It’s even more impressive when you remember that the Final Fantasy VII Remake has only (thus far) released on PS4. Final Fantasy XV, for instance, which launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC, has sold nearly 9 million units. When the Final Fantasy VII Remake inevitably releases on Xbox One and PC – and presumably with a graphical bump on PS5 and Xbox Series X at a later date – those figures will only increase.

And then remember that we’ve only seen a fraction of the story. The scope of the Final Fantasy VII Remake only covers the first eight hours or so of the original game. If each segment of the Remake – and we’re assuming there’ll be at least three parts – sells 5 million copies, then it could very well surpass the original and become the best-selling Final Fantasy game ever.

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