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The latest Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer has allayed our fears

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The Final Fantasy VII Remake theme song trailer shows off much more than just Nobuo Uematsu’s updated score, including Red XIII, Jenova, and Cloud’s dressing up adventure.

When the Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced, we were concerned, to say the least. The game is a massive part of one of Team Thumbsticks’ life, as it is for so many of you, so trepidation around the remake was inevitable.

The best-case scenario, as we saw it, was that they didn’t make anything worse. But that seemed an impossibility. The fear was palpable. We were worried about what they would change for a modern audience.

So we wrote an article about all the things we feared wouldn’t make the cut in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Barrett’s foul language. Sneaking into the Shinra headquarters up the back stairs. The ridiculous minigames and Cloud’s outing in a pretty dress. The classic, turn-based combat. And yet, as more time has gone on – through trailers and press conferences and going hands-on with the game ourselves – that trepidation has morphed into anticipation. Guarded enthusiasm. Excitement, even.

Those fears of cut content have been allayed, too. The game looks and plays great, we’ve seen glimpses of those weird minigames, and even turned-based combat returns. (In a fashion.)

But today’s trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, outwardly designed to show off Nobuo Uematsu’s sparkling soundtrack, answers one of the biggest questions we had about the game: Cloud will get to dress as a woman in the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

And darling? He. Is. Fabulous.

Running through all the new stuff we’ve seen in the latest Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer:

  • The Honey Bee Inn!
  • Cloud’s beautiful dress!
  • (The very funny dialogue about how pretty Cloud looks!)
  • Red XIII!
  • Jenova!
  • Reeve!
  • Scarlet!
  • Hojo!
  • Palmer!
  • Sneaking into the Shinra HQ up the back stairs!
  • The Heli-Gunner boss!
  • The Air-Buster boss!
  • The Leviathan summon!
  • The Choco-Mog summon!
  • The motorbike escort mission!
  • (Including the massive motorbike and the adorable retro pickup truck!)
  • The world’s biggest and most dangerous rope swing!

Seriously, this thing is bananas. Props to Square Enix for everything the team is doing here. We were worried that they would be too conservative to remake something so strange like Final Fantasy VII properly in the modern era, but the mad bastards have literally done it all.

And then they’ve gone and done some for good measure.

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