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The Final Fantasy XV Gladio DLC – Sunday name ‘Episode Gladiolus’ – will be available towards the end of March.

Final Fantasy XV‘s very own Sporty Spice – that’s Gladiolus, by the way; Prompto is Baby Spice, Noctis is Posh Spice and Ignis is Posher Spice – is getting his own DLC. It’s not exactly a big secret. Square Enix have been keen on the idea of having an additional DLC chapter for each of the boys in Noctis’ entourage, offering an alternative approach and new experience to the main game proper.

It’s a good idea. While I’d be the first to argue that the repetitive bits of Final Fantasy XV – the car journeys, the camping, the cooking, the photography – are the purest joys of the experience, holding down the attack button (and occasionally hitting the phase button) can be pretty dull. Getting a chance to play with Gladio’s more traditional RPG knight style should make for an interesting change of pace.

The Final Fantasy XV Gladio DLC is set to launch on March 28, 2017. We don’t know all that much about it yet, but Square Enix have confirmed that classic character Gilgamesh will be included in the episode. They’ve also released some screenshots from the Gladio DLC which show that Cor the Immortal will also feature. There’s also the classic campfire screenshot – along with Ignis and Prompto, at least – suggesting that Final Fantasy XV‘s beefiest bro won’t be alone on his adventures.

Just a hunch, but we also suspect there’ll be some not-so-subtle cup noodle product placement in there, too.

After the Gladio DLC releases in March 2017, the Prompto DLC is set to follow in June. All of the DLC will be available free to Season Pass holders and players who purchased the Premium Edition, but will also be available to purchase for everyone else.

There hasn’t been a release date slated for the Ignis DLC yet, but the suggestion is that it will incorporate online co-op play, which Final Fantasy XV is absolutely made for.

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