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Nvidia have dropped another Final Fantasy XV PC 4K trailer, and it looks super shiny.

Final Fantasy XV is already a splendid-looking game. I’ve personally played it on an Xbox One S, and other than a bit of frame rate chaos during particularly busy combat sections, it still looks great. Yes, it’s only 900p on the Xbox One, but it’s generally nice and smooth to play (compared to the 1080p PS4 version).

Then there are the mid-generation super consoles. The PS4 Pro version of Final Fantasy XV can either push the resolution to 4K (with disastrous effect on the frame rate) or unlock the frame rate at its native resolution (meaning it generally gets close to 60FPS). The Xbox One X version is still an unknown quantity at the time of writing.

But the version of the game that we do know is going to be stupendously pretty is the upcoming Final Fantasy XV PC version, complete with Nvidia Hairworks and all that other good stuff. TL;DR: you didn’t spend enough on your graphics card the last time you upgraded, sorry.

So first came the reveal video, a combination of cinematics, a little gameplay, and a load of Nvidia tech jargon to point out which bits their expensive magic underpins:

But perhaps of more interest, released today by Nvidia, is a continuous spot of gameplay from the Final Fantasy XV PC edition:

Specifically, it shows off some combat. Not terrifically exciting or overwhelming combat, it has to be said – it’s not dealing with forty Magitek troopers dropping out of the sky because screw you, player, we found a way to include random battles anyway – but it’s at 4K, and Nvidia have specified that it’s at the ‘ultimate’ detail preset.

Which is probably ‘ultra’ detail to everyone else, but hey, Square Enix like to do their own thing. At least it looks rather spiffy.

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