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Final Fantasy XV surpasses 10 million sales

Final Fantasy XV achieves significant sales milestone.



Final Fantasy XV screenshot
Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV achieves significant sales milestone.

Final Fantasy XV isn’t the best one, sure, but when you stop playing it like an RPG and focus on the road trip elements, there is a lot to love about it.

It’s also pretty popular. The official Final Fantasy XV Japanese Twitter account has announced that the series has past 10 million cumulative sales across all platforms and territories.


It’s also unclear what impact Final Fantasy XV’s stint on Xbox Game Pass will have had on these numbers – presumably they’re being included as unit sales?

And with all the remasters and remakes and mobile ports of Final Fantasy games, it’s hard to say exactly where that puts Final Fantasy XV in the lifetime sales ranking, but it’s certainly up there – in the same ballpark as Final Fantasy VI, VIII, X, and XII.

Though it’s obviously still lagging behind the series’ overall bestseller, Final Fantasy VII, which is on top pretty much however you calculate it.

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