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Final Fantasy XVI announced, will be PS5 console exclusive

Here’s everything we know so far about Final Fantasy XVI, announced tonight during the PS5 showcase event.



Final Fantasy XVI logo
Square Enix

Here’s everything we know so far about Final Fantasy XVI, announced tonight during the PS5 showcase event.

Yes, yes, the big news from the PlayStation 5 Showcase event was the console’s price and release date. That was the thing we all watched for and, eventually, Sony did deliver.

A far bigger surprise, however, was how the stream started. We were all secretly expecting more GTA V remaster footage, but what we got instead was a group of floppy-haired lads with big weapons and face tattoos, sitting around a campfire. Which was interesting.


Then the lads got on Chocobos, and we got excited. And then there were summon monsters. We were on the edge of our seats.

Then there was some waffle about crystals and we switched off for a bit, but it turns out, it was Final Fantasy XVI!

We don’t know a whole lot about Final Fantasy XVI yet, but here’s what we do know:

  • It’s going to be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive (which means it will also be coming to PC)
  • It’s not going to release any time soon – the “next big information reveal is scheduled for 2021”, we’re told by Square Enix PR
  • Final Fantasy XVI will be directed by Hiroshi Takai, best known for his work on Final Fantasy XIV, The Last Remnant, and Romancing SaGa
  • Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of huge swathes of Final Fantasy XIV, is on board as producer for Final Fantasy XVI

And that’s about it. For something that we won’t hear any more about until 2021 – which could mean it releases as late as 2022 or 2023 – there was a lot of content in the Final Fantasy XVI trailer, at least.

There’s a slight niggle in the back of my mind, after the hyper-modernity of Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake, that Final Fantasy XVI looks a little old hat. But there’s a long time to be proven wrong on that score.

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