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Duos mode is out in Firestorm. Get ready to go it solo (or team up with randos) in Battlefield V.

Firestorm, the battle royale mode in Battlefield V, originally launched with two main game modes: Solo and Squads.

Over the course of Firestorm’s lifespan thus far, EA and DICE have added some additional, temporary game modes. Since release, we’ve seen Breach, Grind, and also, Duos. Like Breach and Grind, Duos was originally intended to be a limited-time game mode.

Then Duos was turned off. (As you might well expect for a limited-time mode.)

The thing is, other battle royale games – PUBG, Fortnite, Blackout, and the rest – have a Duos mode. Permanently. All the time. What a novelty! So when Firestorm Duos was turned off, fans of Battlefield V asked EA and DICE to turn it back on.

EA, who isn’t averse to changing games to appease the fans, put Duos back into Firestorm. But as it turns out, not enough people are playing Duos for them to keep matchmaking times down, and keep the mode in Battlefield V. For now.

In a discussion on the Battlefield V sub on Reddit, one user asked why EA couldn’t just keep Duos in Firestorm, and warn players who want to play it that queueing times would be high. It would give players a chance to vote with their feet to try and save the mode.

In response, a Battlefield V community manager, Reddit user PartWelsh, said: “It’s not an impossible thing to do, it’s just likely not the most sensible thing to do. Where we can do a better job is around more clearly advertising (both here and in the game) what content is available for a limited time only and when you can expect it to exit Battlefield.”

“This is the biggest and most important thing for me and the team to get right going forward,” they continued, adding that “more transparency will better equip you for this stuff.”

That doesn’t help people like me who prefer to play games like PUBG in Duos with Mrs B – rather than playing pick-up games with strangers and weirdos – but don’t count on Duos being gone from Firestorm forever. That’s the nature of limited-time game modes, after all.

Source: Reddit (via VG247)

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