Life is Strange: True Colors gameplay
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Here’s our first look at Life is Strange: True Colors gameplay

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Square Enix and Deck Nine have released the first official gameplay trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors.

It’s always tough when a beloved franchise gets handed over to a new developer. You don’t envy anyone having to step into well-worn shoes. They want to do the series and the fans justice, whilst also knowing their new audience can turn on them in a moment.

But sometimes, sometimes, they get it right. And based on the first official gameplay trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors? It looks like developer Deck Nine has nailed it, again, just like they did with the series prequel, Before the Storm.

It doesn’t tell us a great deal about Haven Springs that we haven’t gleaned from other trailers, but series staples from Life is Strange are present and correct in True Colors, including:

  • Dorky, Freaks and Geeks teens!
  • Too-cool-for-school teens!
  • Looking for stuff!
  • Looking through stuff for stuff!
  • Talking!
  • More talking!
  • Occasionally making choices while talking!
  • A glimpse at protagonist Alex’s hidden (but about to be dramatically revealed) super-power – empathy!

It’s all present and correct. Well done, Deck Nine. This bodes well for True Colours and your in-development remaster of the original games, too.

But best of all, the first Life is Strange: True Colors gameplay trailer shows us a cat-related puzzle, where you have to get a grumpy cat to move off the stuff you’ve been looking for. Not enough games feature cat-related puzzles, and not enough puzzles feature a cat toy as their solution.

Life is Strange: True Colors releases on September 10, 2021, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia. It’s expected to come to Nintendo Switch later in the year.

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