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The classic brawler gets a modern makeover.

Developer Lizardcube and publisher Dotemu, the dynamic duo behind the splendid Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake, are getting the band back together. Lizardcube, if you recall, actually dumped and reverse-engineered an original Wonder Boy 3 cartridge to ensure their game is a 1:1 copy. That means that you can flip back and forth between original and modern styles on the fly (and even the pointless Cyclops trapped in a box under the sea returns, such is the clarity of the copy).

This time, it’s not just a carbon copy that’s required. Streets of Rage 4 is a brand new game, a completely original sequel to the original series.

To date, we’ve seen snippets of artwork from the game, but we’ve not seen any Streets of Rage 4 gameplay. Until today.

The Streets of Rage 4 gameplay teaser trailer shows off some classic elements, including weapons, grabs, throws, and leapfrogging back and forth over enemies repeatedly. It wouldn’t be a Streets of Rage game if you couldn’t grab hold of an enemy and hurdle them indefinitely for some reason.

The game features returning heroes Axel and Blaze, and appears to show two other silhouetted characters in the background. Most of the comments on the trailer seem to be concerned as to whether series composer Yuzo Koshiro is returning, however.

The trailer does also carry a small disclaimer at the bottom which states: “Streets of Rage 4 is under development and may be subject to change. All music and sounds are work in progress.”

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