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Critical mobile darling Florence is out now on Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. 

Some games are perfect for mobile. And Florence is the perfect example. The wordless romantic drama used the touch screen’s inherent tactility to simulate the experience of initial connection and eventual loss.

It was a great fit for the medium but… nobody played it. As a premium mobile game, Florence made back its budget, but didn’t earn enough to finance developer Mountains’ next project. But, the touch screen love story got a second chance today.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Florence is now available on Switch, Steam, GOG and the Mac App Store. Hopefully, now that it’s available on storefronts where free-to-play isn’t the primary model, it can find a new audience. It’s only $5.99 (and $2.99 if you want to play it on your phone).

After all, the game is good. And, as we noted back in 2018, it might just make you do “a big old ugly cry on the bus.”

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