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These impressive Football Manager 2019 sales figures don’t include Football Manager Touch, Mobile, or downloads via Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Football Manager 2020 doesn’t launch for another four months or so. That will sort of unofficially mark the end of Football Manager 2019’s run. Well, we all know that’s not entirely true – we were still playing Championship Manager, years after the name was changed – but lots of people will jump for the latest version when it’s available.

But even with four months left on its lifespan, Football Manager 2019 is still smashing sales figures.

Today Miles Jacobson, head honcho at SI Games and director on the Football Manager series, announced on Twitter that Football Manager 2019 sales have sailed past one million units.

By way of clarification, Jacobson highlighted that these numbers are based on the total number of Steam activations for Football Manager 2019. This figure includes boxed retail versions and other activations, but has had any Steam returns removed from the total figure.

These impressive sales figures have no doubt received a boost from the game’s first inclusion of officially licensed German competitions like the Bundesliga. This will presumably also be boosted when Football Manager 2019 comes to Stadia later in the year.

Those numbers also don’t include the “other” versions of Football Manager 2019; that’s Football Manager Touch on Switch, and Football Manager Mobile on, erm, mobile. They also don’t include Xbox Game Pass for PC downloads, though that has only been an option for a few weeks.

With those other platforms included, Jacobson reckons that the total might exceed two million before Football Manager 2020 hits the shelves.

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