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Fortnite season 10 is ushering in a change to the game’s system requirements, specifically around older graphics cards.

With the launch of Fortnite season 10, we can expect to see new items, objectives, and multiplayer events. It’s always the same with every new season of Fortnite Battle Royale.

When Fortnite season 10 drops on August 1, 2019, there will be something taken away; specifically for PC players. Epic Games has announced that it will no longer be supporting older graphics cards. Specifically, that’s graphics cards that don’t support DirectX 11.

Technically, DirectX 11 support has always been on the recommended list for Fortnite system requirements. But now Epic is making it official and dropping support for DirectX 10 (and older) graphics cards. That makes the oldest cards supported by Fortnite the Nvidia GT/GTX 400 series (Fermi architecture) and the AMD Raden HD 5000 series (TeraScale 2 architecture).

“Starting with Season 10, the PC version of Fortnite will require a graphics card capable of running Microsoft DirectX 11,” begins the statement on the Epic Games website.

“When Season 10 begins, Fortnite will no longer be compatible with these older graphics cards,” the statement continues. “This allows us to focus our development and testing efforts to further optimize the Fortnite experience for all players.”

The announcement is specific to Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s not clear whether the changes extend to Fortnite’s original Save the World mode, but given that nobody really talks about it any more? It might change. It might not. Chances are, nobody will notice.

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