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This limited-time Halloween event brings daily challenges and a four-day survival event to The Long Dark, includes consoles for the first time.

The Long Dark’s Four Days of Night event has run before. It’s a dark and chilling twist on the standard formula, including savage weather and even-more-savage-than-usual wildlife.

For the first time, the event will be coming to consoles. Both PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to get in on the action, in addition to the familiar Steam release. That being said, the Steam version is also dramatically improved. You won’t need to opt into a different branch of The Long Dark; instead, the option to launch Four Days of Night will be right there on the menu.

Keep in mind that your Four Days of Night saves will only be valid for the event itself, and if you don’t want to join in, you can of course just play The Long Dark as usual.

There will be four different daily challenges in Four Days of Night, to be confirmed a little nearer the time. Each challenge will last exactly 24 hours; you see where the name comes from now, right?

There will be two unique badges on offer for those who do well in Four Days of Night:

  • Twilight badge – survive two real-time hours for any two challenge days
  • Midnight badge – survive two real-time hours for all four challenge days

Daily challenges kick in at 11pm PDT every day (3am GMT the following day), starting from October 27th, and each lasts a full 24h.

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