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This week’s free Epic Games Store game (for July 5 2019) is very tasty

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Sharpen your knives for the weekly free Epic Games Store game.

Another week, another free Epic Games Store game. This week, it’s Overcooked! from developer Ghost Town Games and publisher Team17.

Not familiar with Overcooked!? You’re missing out. It’s one of those silly, chaotic games that are all the rage right now. But unlike most of the other games of this type on the market – that are physics-based, and tend to be competitive – Overcooked! is cooperative, collaborative, and just a little bit strategic.

The goal is simple: cook all the food as prescribed. But that task is broken up into various components that you’ll need multiple people to undertake in tandem. Spice that up with ever-changing environments, challenges, and the abject incompetence of your friends and family, and Overcooked! is anything but simple. It’s always fun, though.

Overcooked! is free on the Epic Games Store right now, through until July 11, when it’s replaced by Torchlight.

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