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Get your sticky fingers on a free Slime-san demo on the Nintendo Switch.

Slime-san, the kinda cute, kinda gross platformer – where you play as a ball of goop having to make its way through a giant worm’s innards – is an interesting little oddity. It’s fast-paced, precise, and difficult; like Super Meat Boy, but with green slime trails instead of, er, meaty goop.

The full Slime-san experience totals 100 levels made out of 400 rooms; combined with 100 new game+ levels that brings the total to 200 levels and 800 rooms. That’s quite the large floor plan for the inside of a pixel art worm, I’m sure you’d agree.

The Nintendo Switch demo for Slime-san – which is available now, by the way – features just the first 10 levels of the game proper for you to get your teeth into. You’ll also get access to the game’s hub world town; again, this is a really big worm.

And if you weren’t convinced enough by the use of the word ‘free’, here’s a trailer for the Switch version of Slime-san:

Grab the Slime-san Switch demo from the eShop, or check out this week’s brand new releases.

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