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Gang Beasts, one of the original physics-based multiplayer mayhem games makes its way to Nintendo Switch in a few days.

Updated: October 6, 2021

It’s a little late in the day, we know – Gang Beasts was supposed to release on Nintendo Switch today – but their PR has been in touch to say the release date is being pushed back ever so slightly.

You’ll now (further last minute changes aside) be able to purchase Gang Beasts from the Nintendo eShop on October 12, 2021.

Original story: September 30, 2021

It feels like you can’t move for physics-based multiplayer mayhem simulators, these days. Yes, there’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, of course, but also, Goat Simulator, Moving Out, Totally Reliable Delivery Service, Secret Neighbor, Embr, Rawmen, Overcooked!, Wobbly Life, Pummel Party, Party Animals… it’s a big list, growing all the time.

And then there are the games that popularised the trend: the 2006 originator, Garry’s Mod, 2016’s Human Fall Flat, and 2017’s Gang Beasts.

Garry’s Mod might be a bit hampered by its Source Engine origins, but Human Fall Flat and Gang Beasts have spread to pretty much every platform going, such is their popularity.

Well. There was one left for Gang Beasts to tick off its list, but that’s getting fixed very soon: it’s coming to Nintendo Switch on October 6, 2021.

The Gang Beasts Nintendo Switch release was first announced in August 2021, and was originally set for a September release window. That window might have been missed, but by six days? That’s pretty marginal.

To be clear, next week’s release of Gang Beasts is the digital release on the Nintendo eShop. There is a physical Nintendo Switch release of Gang Beasts to come, in a partnership between developer Boneloaf and publisher/distributor Skybound Games, on December 7, 2021.

Still, it doesn’t matter whether you get it on the eShop or via a retail cartridge – Gang Beasts is fun however you attack it.

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