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Last chance to get 29 great games for $25, support Australian fire relief

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The Humble Australia Fire Relief bundle provides over $400 of games to players and gives 100% of proceeds to support Australian charities.

If you’re not been paying attention, Australia is being devastated by wildfires, caused by climate change. (There’s no debate there, incidentally. If you’re a climate denier or conspiracy theorist, maybe don’t read our website, yeah?)

The fires are so bad that the sky glows red and the smoke can be seen from New Zealand. In spite of how it looks on maps, New Zealand isn’t actually that close to Australia. That’s like people in the UK seeing a fire in Ukraine. Or people in Toronto seeing a fire in Florida.

It’s destruction on an incomprehensible scale, and it’s entirely man-made. It’s apt, then, that humanity is clubbing together to help.

The Australian government may be reluctant to act, but charity endeavours the world over are raising money to support Australian fire relief. Actor Chris Hemsworth and singer Elton John both donated a million dollars each. Cricketer Shane Warne sold his green baggy gap for a million bucks. Someone earned over $700,000 by selling nude photos online. Meanwhile, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos donated $690,000 – an amount he is thought to earn in around three minutes. (You can make your own judgement on who are the good guys and who’s doing it for show.)

And the world of video games is no exception. Indie developers and artists have been running an initiative called ‘Game Dev for Firies‘ – an Australian slang term for firefighters – by auctioning off their time and services. Now one of the de facto players in the video game charity space, Humble Bundle, is doing its thing.

In the Humble Australia Fire Relief bundle, you can pick up 29 video games – worth over $400 – for just $25. You can, of course, donate more than that. It’s positively encouraged! But even paying that minimum amount will net you loads of games and, crucially, you’ll be doing your bit to help Australian charities.

There are no tiers to this one. It’s all-in. Here’s everything included in the Humble Australia Fire Relief bundle.

Humble Australia Fire Relief bundle

  • Hollow Knight
  • Void Bastards
  • Armello
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 (+ Australian Paint Jobs Pack)
  • Duck Game
  • Hand of Fate 2
  • Paradigm
  • Crawl
  • The Adventure Pals
  • Regular Human Basketball
  • Satellite Reign
  • Hacknet (+ Hacknet Labyrinths DLC)
  • Mr. Shifty
  • Primal Carnage: Extinction
  • Assault Android Cactus+
  • The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game
  • Framed Collection
  • Think of the Children
  • Feather
  • Tower of Guns
  • Rising Dusk
  • Death Squared
  • Paperbark
  • Quest of Dungeons
  • The Stillness of the Wind
  • The Gardens Between
  • Paper Fire Rookie
  • Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom
  • Machinarium

At the time of writing, the Australia Fire Relief bundle has earned just shy of a million dollars US – $967,786, to be precise – and is only going to rise from there. The bundle runs until 7 pm GMT (that’s 2 pm Eastern, 11 am Pacific) on January 23. That’s 6 am on January 24, if you’re in Sydney.

All money earned from the Humble Australia Fire Relief bundle will be split between the Australian Red Cross, the Australian RSPCA, Wires, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Udpate, Jan 20: The Humble Australia Fire Relief has now earned over $1.3m dollars.

Update, Jan 23: The bundle has now earned over $1.8m dollars – take that, Jeff Bezos – and runs out in just over an hour. If you’re wanting to get in on this one, you’d better hurry.

We may receive a small commission on purchases made from online stores. (Not from the charity bundle – 100% of that goes to charity! – but if you go on to purchase something from the Humble Store after following our links.)

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