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Grid Legends comes to macOS – as a native Apple Silicon title – later this year, courtesy of Feral Interactive.

There are a lot of video game press conferences floating about at the moment – we are in the (what-would-have-been) E3 window – so expect to see lots of video game announcements.

One please you might not expect to see video game announcements is the Apple WorldWide Developers Conference, or WWDC for short.

But thanks to Feral Interactive, the specialist publisher hell-bent on bringing as many games as possible to Mac and Linux platforms, there was a noteworthy announcement: There’s a Grid Legends Mac version on the way.

Why was Grid Legends‘ Mac release featured at Apple’s WWDC event? Because the game is revealed as a “native Apple Silicon” title.

And what does that mean? According to the press release from Feral:

“Native to Apple Silicon, Grid Legends will take full advantage of the cutting-edge M1 chipsets that power modern Macs – a perfect fit to showcase the exhilarating speed, fantastic looks and irresistible handling of Grid’s expansive roster of real-world cars.”

So basically you’ll be able to play Grid Legends on a Mac with Apple’s own M1 chipsets, and won’t need a discrete graphics card.

The idea of gaming on Mac used to be something of a punchline, but with news like this – with the constant effort from specialists like Feral to support the ecosystem, with the original developer (Codemasters) and publisher (EA) also getting behind it – makes playing games on Mac seem like a more viable option with each passing year.

The Grid Legends Mac version will release on the App Store later this year.

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