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Have you ever wanted to be Jason Voorhees?

No, neither have I quite frankly – and if you have, perhaps you might want to seek some sort of professional help – but apparently there is a bit of a demand for it, if the Kickstarter for Friday the 13th: The Game is to be believed.

It launched less than 24 hours ago, but over 4,500 backers have already helped it make over $260,000 towards its $700,000 total, which is an impressive start. So what will it be like, then? What do we know about the game that lets you be Jason Voorhees?

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/VjNm2pthBfM” autoplay=”no”]

Well first up, it’s going to be an asymmetrical multiplayer, as is fashionable these days. One player will get the opportunity to be Jason Voorhees, stalking the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake with his machete in hand, hoping to ferret out the group of not-so-happy campers – up to seven in total – who will be trying to run, hide, and generally not get killed by one of Hollywood’s most famous psychopaths.

As in the movies, Jason’s intended victims will have the option of (or perhaps no choice other than) fighting back, but horror movie psychos are tough bastards and have a nasty habit of getting back up after you kill them. They’ve also brought in Kane Hodder, an actor who got the chance to be Jason Voorhees in several of the movies, to bring a little extra authenticity to the performance.

Is there anything else you need to know? Not really – it’s a game where you get to be Jason Voorhees – it’s pretty self-explanatory.

They have unfortunately fallen into the rather annoying Kickstarter trap of stretch goals, though. The stretch goals on their Kickstarter page are currently hidden, but they did give away this clue about what one of them will be:

That really depends on where this Kickstarter campaign takes us. Summer Camp was originally conceived as a multiplayer title only, and thus was budgeted as such. It was only after taking on Friday the 13th that we really started to dream up plans to bring Jason to life in ways that everyone has wanted to experience (but no one has been able to create to date).

To that end, the proposed single player portion will give you the Jason experience you’ve never had; direct through his eyes. We’ll be offering several ‘scenarios’ based off classic movie scenes from the franchise as you stalk and kill each and every counselor from a first person perspective.

Don’t you just hate that sort of thing?

We’d also wager that the guys who created 5v1 asymmetrical psycho-versus-teens horror Last Year – and had it successfully funded at 229% of their modest target, with more variety in characters and locations, no stretch goals, and no celebrity psycho tie-in – are feeling pretty pissed off right about now.

Too young to know what’s so scary about Camp Crystal Lake? Pick up Friday the 13th from Amazon now.

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