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Get ready for No Man’s Sky Beyond. It’s nearly upon us.

Hello Games, or rather, the people who work there, are too good for this world. After the horrific and abusive backlash they received after the initial release of No Man’s Sky, nobody would’ve blamed them for packing up and leaving video games forever.

But they didn’t pack it in. They stuck at it. They worked in secret, improving and refining No Man’s Sky, bringing what was already a very clever video game closer to the all-encompassing universe simulator people were (inexplicably) expecting.

And do you know what? It is good. It is really, really good.

But No Man’s Sky is about to get even better, with the No Man’s Sky Beyond update, which releases next week.

To celebrate the impending release, and get people excited (careful now), Hello Games has released a trailer for No Man’s Sky Beyond.

Excuse our language for a moment, but holy shit. Sean Murray has always said that he envisioned the game as a video game interpretation of pulpy science fiction book covers from the 1970s. It’s got the aesthetic, but more than that, No Man’s Sky Beyond looks and feels like a living universe.

But that’s not all. If you’re a fan of virtual reality and throwing up on your living room floor, No Man’s Sky Beyond also features the option to turn your craft into a vomit comet.

Think we’re gonna pass on that one, thanks. Looks impressive, sure, but there will be vom.

No Man’s Sky Beyond launches on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 14, 2019.

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