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How to exploit demon weaknesses in Doom Eternal, including the Cacodemon, Arachnotron, Mancubus, Pinky, Revenant, and Doom Hunter.

Doom Eternal ramps up on the strategy and technicality from the 2016 Doom reboot. There are more weapons, more upgrades, more power-ups, and more movement options.

But there are also more demons. Some of them are classic Doom baddies; others are new inventions for Doom Eternal. In order to take them on, you’ll need to know their weaknesses.


This robot spider brain-in-a-jar thing – enemy design in Doom Eternal is weird, right? – is similar to the Spider Mastermind boss from Doom (2016) but features a large turret on its back. These are tough enemies to have to fight early on, frankly.

Weakness: The turret. Hit the turret with whatever you’ve got and you’ll render the Arachnotron less dangerous. Still a bit old bullet sponge for so early in the game, though.

Bonus: None. Spiders. Eww.


This big round boy is all eyeball and teeth. He’s kinda cute, bobs around in the air and doesn’t seem too dangerous. But the Cacodemon is relentless and – if you get mobbed by more than one of them – you can get pinned down easily.

Weakness: Like a dog, the Cacodemon will eat anything you throw at him. Pop a grenade (or sticky bomb round from the Combat Shotgun weapon mod) into his mouth then hit with him a Glory Kill.

Bonus: Because they still float when stunned, you can actually use the Cacodemon to escape a tight spot or reach a platform if you perform a Glory Kill on one that’s a bit further away.

Doom Eternal Cacodemon demon weakness


The Revenant is a cybernetically augmented flying skeleton. Subtle. These demons don’t have particularly high health compared to some, but they are very fast and agile, which can make pinning them down difficult.

Weakness: His shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. These also double as the Revenant’s jetpack, so if you target these, he’ll be grounded.

Bonus: If you unlock the lock-on weapon mod for the rocket launcher, you can take the Revenant down with three rockets and very little skill. Feels like overkill, but sometimes it’s worth it when this sprightly skeleton is pinging around the arena.


Carcass is a grotesque melted mannequin of a thing, part human, part cybernetic. They’re not that dangerous, but they will generate energy shields. In theory this is to defend themselves, but they’ll often accidentally hinder your movement, too.

Weakness: Hit the energy shield with the Plasma Rifle and it will overload and explode. Blood Punch has the same effect.

Bonus: Some soldier zombies also carry energy shields, like Carcass. Use the same technique to bring them down quickly, and use the exploding energy shield as a makeshift weapon in a crowd.


Isn’t it weird that a succubus is usually depicted as a sexy temptress in demonic fiction, but the Mancubus is a giant slob of a demon? That’s not to say you’re not allowed to fancy the Mancubus – to each their own – but he’s a pretty grim unit.

Weakness: His dual-wield, arm-mounted flamethrower-cannons are his biggest offensive weapon and also his weak spot. Target them to take him down.

Bonus: If you Glory Kill a Mancubus, he’ll explode. Comes in handy in a crowded space.

Doom Eternal Mancubus demon weakness

Cyber Mancubus

If a Mancubus is a sexy seductress, does that make a Cyber Mancubus the online chatroom version? No, in Doom Eternal, he’s a regular Mancubus in an ill-fitting suit of armour. You can still kill them with their armour on, but it’s a lot harder work.

Weakness: Still the arm-mounted armaments, but you’ll need to hit Cyber Mancubus with a Blood Punch first to knock off his armour.

Bonus: Also explodes. Boom!


Whiplash is a new enemy in Doom Eternal and – in a weird, tone-deaf marketing move – was “lauded” as the first female demon in Doom history. Score one for equality, we guess? In play, Whiplash is very irritating because she’s so nippy and mobile, even more so than the Revenant.

Weakness: Use the Ice Bomb to freeze Whiplash solid, then unload into her with everything you’ve got.

Bonus: If you don’t have Ice Bomb available, then homing missiles or a sticky bomb Combat Shotgun round will follow Whiplash around, which helps.


Pinky is a sort of pig-demon, originally just called “Demon” in Doom (1993). He’ll charge around like a bull chasing a matador and is very tough and well-armoured. Like the classic Pinky, Doom Eternal also features invisible Pinkies called Spectres, which is very unfair.

Weakness: Their tail. Dash or double-jump out of a charging Pinky’s path, then unload into the stubby little tail. A Blood Punch will also kill a Pinky in one shot.

Bonus: Use the Ice Bomb to freeze a Pinky (or Spectre) solid. This will give you an extra couple of seconds to target the tail, and if you hit it with a Super Shotgun blast? Down in one.

Doom Eternal Pinky demon weakness

Doom Hunter

One thing Doom Eternal does that is really cool – or really unfair, depending on your point of view – is introduce enemies as an end-of-level boss, then just start using them as regular enemies like it’s nothing. You’ll fight one Doom Hunter after a big build-up, assured it’s a unique boss enemy, then move onto the next section and fight two more. No big deal. It’s one of the game’s smarter ideas, ratcheting the demons as you progress.

Weakness: The Doom Hunter’s mechanical sled is shielded, so you’ll want to use the Plasma Rifle – or a Blood Punch – to disable the shield.

Bonus: Once the shield’s disabled, hit the sled with everything you’ve got. It will eventually break, leaving the Doom Hunter almost immobile.

Anything else?

There are some bigger bosses that we don’t want to spoil – and for the most part, the game telegraphs their weak points and timings anyway – and some demons that don’t really have any specific weakness you can exploit.

As a general rule of thumb: if it’s big, use the Chain Gun to stagger it; if it’s fast, use Ice Bomb and tracking rockets; and if it’s shielded, use the Plasma Rifle and Blood Punch.

Check out our guides section for more useful tips and tricks.

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