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Here are the minimum requirements, and how to start, the Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion.

2018’s Monster Hunter World has been a tremendous success for Capcom. It’s certainly the biggest series success in the Western world, and is the first in the series to make the trip to PC. It’s no surprise, then, to see an expansion for the enormous adventure.

Iceborne, the massive, frigid expansion to Monster Hunter World, is finally here. Capcom has been pushing this one hard, including an enormous presence at this year’s E3, with a massive dragon and this adorable winterwear Palico.

Iceborne Palico E3 2019

But now the wait is over, and Iceborne is here. Which just leaves two questions: What are the minimum requirements for starting Iceborne? And how do you actually start the Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion?

Minimum requirements for Monster Hunter World Iceborne

RPGs tend to gate access to their expansions. (Well, over and above actually buing the expansion, of course.) You generally need to have reached a certain point in the base game’s questline, or have reached a minimum level requirement, or both, in order to access the expanded world and the content it contains.

Monster Hunter World is no exception. In order to access Iceborne, you’ll need your character to be High Rank 16. You’ll also need to have completed the main questline, including defeating boss Xeno’Jiiva.

But once you’ve done all that, Iceborne will be open to you. You just need to know how to kick it off.

How to start the Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion

Once you’ve satisfied those minimum requirements – hitting High Rank 16 and defeating Xeno’Jiiva – you’ll be eligible to start the Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion.

First, you’ll need to make sure you’ve downloaded all the latest updates to Monster Hunter World. You can’t access Iceborne if you haven’t installed Iceborne, folks, but you also need the base game to be up to date. Gone are the days of just picking an expansion off the main menu. Like Fallout 4’s Far Harbor expansion, the entry to the expansion is actually patched into the main game.

Once you’re all patched and up to date, you’ll need to head to the Asteria hub. While there, chat with the Feisty Fiver by the departure gate to kick off the opening quest in the Ancient Forest. From there, complete the quest objectives – beating your first Iceborne monster, Beotedus – you’ll be granted access to the Hoarfrost Reach hub area and the new Seliana base.

Best wrap up warm, though. Iceborne is chilly.

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