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Get Headlander, This War of Mine, Dear Esther in the Humble Caffeine Bundle

Get a nice $169 of stuff, including games, software and discounts, in the Humble Caffeine Bundle.



Humble Caffeine Bundle

Get a nice $169 of stuff, including games, software and discounts, in the Humble Caffeine Bundle.

It’s not unusual to see great games in a Humble Bundle. It’s also no surprise to see non-games software and soundtracks included as bonuses. But the Humble Caffeine Bundle also includes discounts from actual shops – not just Humble – which is a little unusual.

If you’re in the UK, like Team Thumbsticks, then that’s 10% off Noble gaming chairs from specialist gaming and hardware retailer, Overclockers. There’s also 10% off tickets to the Insomnia64 gaming festival, which is also in the UK, but given there’s no shipping to contend with – other than getting yourself there, of course – then there’s no regional restriction on that particular discount.


But what of the games, software, and soundtracks in the Humble Caffeine Bundle? Here’s the full breakdown of the reward tiers, correct at the type of writing.

Pay what you want

  • Caffeine software
  • Caffeine gamer pack (Overclockers and Insomnia64 discounts)
  • Headlander
  • Gonner Blueberry Edition
  • Treadnaughts

Pay $1 or more

  • Bonus: Headlander soundtrack
  • Bonus: This War of Mine soundtrack
  • Bonus: 10% off your first month of Humble Monthly

Pay more than the average (currently around $6.30 or £4.89)

  • Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
  • The Pillars of the Earth
  • This War of Mine

Pay $12 or more (about £9.33)

  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
  • Tyranny

Caffeine, if you were wondering, is a social streaming and sharing platform. Like Twitch, YouTube or Mixer then, but one that – although it’s still in pre-release – promises opportunities for all streamers to earn money, not just the chosen few with a partnership.

The Humble Caffeine Bundle is open right now and runs through until 7pm GMT (11am Pacific) on February 5th, 2019. If you’re quick you can still pick up a discount in the Humble Winter Sale, too. As always, any sales made via the Humble Store earn vital money for worthwhile charities.

We may receive a small commission on purchases made from online stores.

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