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A full run-down of the shortlisted games and winners from the IND13 Awards 2015.

Last year, Indie Game Magazine IND13 held it’s inaugural indie game awards, the IND13 Awards 2014. Incrementally, then, it makes sense that this year’s awards were called the IND13 Awards 2015. There’s no big ceremony, fancy red-carpet moments and overly-long speeches, though – just a blink-and-you-missed-it announcement on their website – so if you did miss it, here’s a lowdown of the runners and riders:

IND13 Awards 2015 Shortlist and Winners

PC Game – What IND13 see as the biggest and best Indie games on PC in the past year

Shortlist: Slain, I am Bread, Verdun, Mushroom 11, Elite Dangerous and Verdun.

Winner: Big Pharma

“IND13 has chosen Big Pharma because it is unique, clever, funny and truly Indie, we also think it’s going to be huge in the future.” Harry Cole, Publisher, IND13.

Mobile Game – What IND13 see as the biggest and best Indie game on Mobile devices in the past year

Shortlist: Jelly Jump, One More Line, Monument Valley, Bounden and 80 Days.

Winner: Bounden

“As a big fan of activity dancing ‘Strictly’, I appreciate Bounden and getting people out of their potato chair and into moving around again. You are the controller indeed.” Richard Hoffmann, Editor-In-Chief, IND13.

Indie Studio – The Indie studios that IND13 recognise as being a huge asset to the Indie gaming scene.

Shortlist: Supergiant Games, 11 bit studios.

Winner: Wolfbrew Games.

“There are not enough superlatives to describe the work that Wolfbrew has done this year, specifically with Slain! From artistic endeavour to development, these guys rock (in a gaming sense of course”. Lee Smith, Creative Director, IND13

Break out title – A studio or game that has burst onto the scene

Shortlist: Ru Pauls Drag Racing, 39 Steps To Mars, Back To Bed, Mushroom 11 and Fist Of Jesus

Winner: Skater

“Skater is one of those rarities in the games world; something which can take a well-tred genre and turn it into a free, new, and revitalised game which redefines skating games from now…” Lee Smith, Creative Director, IND13

Indie Hero – A person we think should be rewarded for services to Indie Games.

Winner Sam Barlow: Her Story

“Pushing the boundaries of ‘what is a game?’ with Her Story and developing narratives that change the way games are played. This year we take our hats off to Sam.” Harry Cole, Publisher, IND13.

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