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In 1998, Resident Evil 2 launched with two players and two scenarios: Claire and Leon, and A and B.

Given that the nascent internet had recently given birth to forums, boards, and fan sites, it was around that time nerds started arguing about things online. And lots of those nerds? They’d argue about the correct, canonical order in which to play Resident Evil 2’s scenarios.

Resident Evil 2, if you missed it, has two protagonists. You play through as whichever one you like first, then tackle the game again with the remaining character once you’ve finished your first go at it.

The canonically “correct” order to play Resident Evil 2’s scenarios – that’s a choice of either Claire A/Leon B, or Leon A/Claire B – wasn’t actually revealed until 2012’s Resident Evil 6, when it became apparent that a minor plot point happens in dialogue on a Claire A playthrough, but doesn’t occur if you play Claire B.

So, to confirm: the canonically correct order to play the original Resident Evil 2 is Claire A/Leon B. (Don’t shout at us, angry nerds, we don’t make the rules.)

How about the Resident Evil 2 remake, then? Does it matter which order you play in the revamped, 2019 version of the game?

No, as it happens. It doesn’t matter at all. Not even a little bit.

And while you do largely tread over the same ground as both Claire and Leon, there are some differences to their campaigns to make it worth your while. The opening, police station side of things is pretty similar – though the second character will see some abridged bits – but who the heroes pair up with for the rest of the adventure? That changes significantly.

Claire and Leon also get to access different rooms in the police station, thanks to different sets of keys, and there’s also some variety in both weapons and enemies. We won’t spoil it.

Also, you don’t need to leave bullets and healing herbs for your second playthrough like you did in the original. That’s a relief.

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