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Xbox Game Pass scoops up some absolutely belting additions for January 2022.

Spelunky 2. Gorogoa. The Outer Wilds. Olija. This sounds like the beginnings of a shortlist for a “best indie games of the past decade” list article, doesn’t it?

In actual fact, it’s just half of the brilliant games that are coming to Xbox Game Pass in January 2022. Oh. And if you’re not really into brilliant indie games – and if you’re not, maybe you need to have a word with yourself? – the other half of the list includes Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Here’s the full list of games coming to Xbox Game Pass in January 2022, which we’ll update if anything changes.

January 2022 Xbox Game Pass additions

January 4, 2022

  • Gorogoa (cloud / console / PC)
  • Olija (cloud / console / PC)
  • The Pedestrian (cloud / console / PC)

January 6, 2022

  • Embr (cloud / console / PC)
  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (console / PC)
  • The Outer Wilds (cloud / console / PC)

January 13, 2022

  • Spelunky 2 (console / PC)
  • The Anacrusis – Game Preview (console / PC)

There’s also a bunch of Minecraft DLC coming throughout the month (to celebrate the new year), plus some member bonuses for Apex Legends (a helmet charm!) and Phantasy Star Online 2 (5 x N-Half Scape Dolls and 50 x Photon Chunks!) if you like that sort of thing.

Alas, it’s not all good news. As some brilliant games come through the revolving door of Xbox Game Pass in January 2022, others will have to make way.

Games leaving Xbox Game Pass in January 2022

January 10, 2022

January 15, 2022

  • Desperados III (cloud / console / PC)
  • Ghost of a Tale (PC)
  • Kingdom Hearts III (console)
  • Mount & Blade: Warband (cloud / console / PC)
  • Pandemic (console / PC)
  • Yiik: A Postmodern RPG (PC)

If you’re enjoying any of these and are sad they’re leaving the service, don’t forget you can purchase these games to keep in your library with a 20% discount, but you need to do it before they leave Xbox Game Pass.

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