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It’s nice to see celebrities as normal people sometimes. They might have dramatically different lives and unfathomable spheres of experience to us common folk, but sometimes they share the same aspirations and concerns. For actor John Boyega, who plays Finn in the latest entries in the Star Wars franchise, he shares one of those concerns with a huge swathe of the gaming community: Why isn’t there a Star Wars Battlefront campaign mode, and will it ever get one?

Boyega took to Twitter to ask the Electronic Arts Star Wars account if a single-player Battlefront campaign would be coming any time soon.

The social media folks at the aforementioned account locked onto the word “offline” in the actor’s tweet and asked him if he’d had a chance to try the Missions, an offline version of some of Battlefront’s main game modes, that can be played co-operatively with a friend, some bots, or completely solo. This however wasn’t exactly the Battlefront campaign Boyega had in mind:

The multi-BAFTA winning actor may be echoing the thoughts of the community at large – who think that Star Wars Battlefront is kinda great, but would have been so much better with a story campaign as well – but unfortunately the chances of EA and DICE adding one in at this late stage are probably worse than successfully navigating an asteroid field*.

Still, at least Star Wars Battlefront is a lot of fun, even if you’re terrible at it. Has anybody run into John Boyega while playing?

* 3,720 to 1, if anyone’s counting.

Source: Polygon (via John Boyega’s Twitter account, obviously).

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