Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay trailer
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This new Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay trailer hits all the right notes

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This is not a drill folks. This isn’t Kingdom Hearts 2.5, or 2-and-nine-fifths, or pi, or any other nonsense – this is actual Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has always felt like a really long way away, hasn’t it? Between all the prequels and remasters and HD collections and that cockamamie numbering system, it just felt like we’d never get out hands on it.

That got a little closer during Square Enix’s wider E3 2017 experience, though: they unveiled a brand new Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay trailer during their Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour, which just happens to be at the Dolby Theatre in LA around gaming’s biggest event.

What a happy coincidence, eh?

The Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay trailer shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy helping Hercules battle the Heartless on the slopes of Mount Olympus, and it looks like a comfy pair of slippers to be honest. And that’s not me having a dig; I absolutely want a new Kingdom Hearts game to feel just like its predecessors. The Final Fantasy series ping-pongs so wildly from one thing to the next that – other than the stupid numbering and frustrating release schedule – Kingdom Hearts is a real lighthouse in the storm.

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