Krispy Kreme Xbox Nexus Level doughnut
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Krispy Kreme developing Nexus Level Doughnut in partnership with Xbox

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This Krispy Kreme / Xbox mashup doughnut looks delicious, sure, but why is it called the “Nexus Level” doughnut?

Look. We know what you’re going to say. This is just marketing fluff, not really news. And that’s true. It is a fair point.

But have you seen how delicious the marketing fluff looks? Out of the hundreds, sometimes thousands of press releases we receive on a daily basis, it’s very rare that we want to eat one of them.

Full disclosure: Neither Xbox nor Krispy Kreme have sent us advanced review copies of the Xbox Nexus Level Doughnut, yet we’re still writing about it. Meanies.

So it’s not really news, but it does raise an interesting question: Why has Krispy Kreme called its lurid green, Xbox-themed doughnut the “Nexus Level” doughnut?

A bit like the argument over whether the ‘X’ button on the PlayStation controller is an “ex” or a “cross” sound – Sony’s official stance is that it’s a “cross” – you probably didn’t realise that the big glowing green button in the middle of your Xbox controller is officially the “Nexus Button”.

No, it’s not the Home Button or the Xbox Button. (Even though those two make far more sense.)

It has, and always will be, the Nexus Button. But when something actually refers to it as the “Nexus Button” and it leaves people more confused? For something that has been that way for 20 years? Perhaps you didn’t get your message across, Xbox.

Still, you learn something new every day, and today, the surprising teacher is the Krispy Kreme doughnut company.

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