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World’s biggest PC maker joins the good fight, Open Gaming Alliance understandably delighted.

Open Gaming Alliance? No, me neither.

To be fair, I have actually heard of the Open Gaming Alliance – I’ve seen them on the booth maps and sponsor lists for various trade shows – and we can surmise from the name what they stand for; but I couldn’t actually tell you what they do on a day to day basis.

Here’s what the Open Gaming Alliance have to say about themselves:

The Open Gaming Alliance is a non-profit association focused on the games industry. From development and game play, to platform innovation and business opportunities, the OGA and its member companies support growth, leadership and opportunities for the games industry.

Ah good. That clears that right up then.

Today the Open Gaming Alliance have announced that the world’s biggest PC maker (and largest phone vendor in its native China) Lenovo have joined as a Corporate Member. What does that mean exactly?

For the Open Gaming Alliance, Lenovo are going to be acting as advisors, bringing market guidance and platform expertise to the non-profit organisation. In return, Lenovo will get a warm fuzzy feeling in their cold, dark corporate hearts for their altruistic gesture. Oh, and maybe some increased exposure for their gaming machines. Quid Pro Quo, Clarice.

They’ll be joining good company, too. Chipzilla (Intel) and Dell (more specifically, gaming arm Alienware) are also corporate members, along with peripheral-makers Logitech and Razer, and gaming engine Unity.

While the benefits of the Open Gaming Alliance may not be immediately apparent to the punters at home, the very fact there’s a non-profit organisation who are taking the future of gaming seriously – and dragging big names into their cause – can only be a positive thing for the future.

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