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Video games as a storytelling medium have come a long way in their short lifespan. You couldn’t imagine a quirky, off-kilter and thoroughly modern tale like Like Is Strange in the early years of gaming but now it – and games of its ilk, like the Telltale adventures, Oxenfree, Until Dawn and the simply sublime Firewatch – feel more like part of the furniture than anyone could have imagined in a few short years.

A sign of the popularity and reach of these story-driven games is that they have started making their way off the most pervasive platforms – PC, PS4, Xbox One – and onto the less common environments. The majority of the Telltale games are available on Android and iOS, and today we see the release of the Life Is Strange Mac and Linux versions, via the Steam distribution platform.

The Mac and Linux platforms (including Valve’s console-like SteamOS) are definitely the kid brothers to Steam’s PC offering, with less than half the total number of games of their primary platform, but they’re slowly catching up. The release of massive success stories like the Life Is Strange Mac and Linux versions can only help to bolster the alt-platform offerings on Steam.

Life Is Strange railway line

Even better than that? The first episode of Life Is Strange is available for free, forever, on all platforms – including the brand new Mac and Linux releases – to allow even more gamers to dip their toe into this wonderful experience.

Image source: Flickr user Video game Photography

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