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There’s a new Little Town Hero in Town.

Little Town Hero, a new RPG from Game Freak, will arrive on Switch on Oct. 16.

Previously titled Town, Game Freak announced Little Town Hero at last year’s September Nintendo Direct. With Pokémon Sword and Shield and Giga Wrecker Alt, Little Town Hero is one of three titles from Game Freak releasing this year.

The game has an RPG set up for the ages. It takes place in a peaceful village, where – get this – monsters have recently started appearing. While that’s well-worn territory, the concept is unique in that it all takes place within the town. The townspeople have a saying, “Never leave town,” and it seems that Game Freak has also taken that as a design philosophy.

While Game Freak is best known for its Pokémon RPGs, it has dabbled with new IP throughout the years. It developed Drill Dozer for Game Boy Advance, Tembo the Badass Elephant for PS4, Xbox One and PC and a pair of Giga Wrecker games. Since its 1989 founding, the studio has remained independent, while working closely with Nintendo.

Most of Game Freak’s non-Pokémon games have failed to garner enough success to merit sequels. It will be interesting to see how Little Town Hero is received when it hits stores this fall.

One thing that should help endear Little Town Hero to RPG fans? The bulk of its music is being composed by Undertale creator (and composer) Toby Fox.

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