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Lost in Play will release on Nintendo Switch and Steam later this summer.

With a focus on creativity and problem-solving over skill and quick reflexes, the 2D adventure always feels like an ideal entry into video games for kids. But even when they look like they’re aimed at kids, they still tend to be “grown up” affairs.

(Although in the context of point-and-click adventures, “grown up” usually means “filled with knob jokes”. You can make your mind up on whether that’s “grown up” or not.)

Lost in Play, from developer Happy Juice Games, claims to be a “one-of-a-kind, family-friendly 2D adventure designed to rekindle a spirit of nostalgia amongst players” inspired by Saturday morning cartoons.

It certainly looks the part, that’s for sure.

There’s still a hint this one’s aimed at nostalgic adults rather than younger players – more like The Gardens Between than Knights and Bikes – but adventure games actually work really well as a family event, and with a bunch of minigames in addition to the main puzzling adventure, there’s a chance Lost in Play might suit both audiences.

We’ll find out when Lost in Play launches on Nintendo Switch and Steam later this summer.

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