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There’s a massive Devolver Steam sale on the go right now, with savings up to 87% on recommended prices. Quick! Get in on this before Fork Parker realises what his team have done.

You could argue that most of Devolver Digital’s games are so reasonably priced, that you don’t really need to wait for a sale to come along before splurging. That being said, people love a sale. A penny saved is a penny earned, and all that.

There’s currently a Devolver Steam sale on the go, via Valve’s digital storefront, and some of the savings are huge. You can save a whopping 87% on the Serious Sam Complete Pack, 84% off the Hatoful Boyfriend double pack, with 80% off The Talos Principle, Sometimes Always Monsters, Not a Hero, both Olli Olli games, and a load more besides.

It’s not just classics and stock clearances on offer, however. There are also savings on new games, including 50% off Absolver, 20% off The Swords of Ditto, and 10% off the minuscule Minit.

Here are the other picks:

  • Titan Souls – 75% off
  • Hotline Miami two pack – 75% off
  • Reigns King and Queen bundle – 63% off
  • Enter the Gungeon – 50% off
  • Stories Untold – 75% off
  • Blockhood – 50% off
  • Gorn – 25% off
  • Mother Russia Bleeds – 75% off
  • Genital Jousting – 50% off

There’s also 75% off the splendid Downwell which, on a game which only cost £1.99 to begin with, brings it down to a measly 49 pence. What can you buy for less than 50p any more? It’s crazy.

Hop on over to the Devolver Steam sale page; these discounts won’t last forever (but they will at least last the weekend).

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