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Materia Collective has released a 52-track album of video game menu music

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Yes, really. It’s called Menu, and it’s all just menu music. It’s actually brilliant.

The Materia Collective, who specialise in music from or inspired by video games, are rather prolific. From soundtracks to compilations to homages and new arrangements, they’re always up to something new, different, or interesting.

Their latest project, Menu, is something a little more unusual: it’s an album comprised entirely of new arrangements of classic video game menu music.

That’s not as mad an idea as it sounds. Think about how much time you’ve spent listening to menu music over the years. Hearing even just a few notes can transport you back to a warm, fuzzy place. Hearing 52 of them? Well, that’s just guaranteed to give you the good feelings.

Here’s the full list of tracks included on the Materia Collective Menu album:

You can listen to and purchase individual tracks from the album with the links above, or purchase the whole album for $16.

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