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What time is the May 2022 Nintendo Indie World Showcase presentation?

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What time is the May 2022 Nintendo Indie World Showcase presentation, and where can you watch it?

Yesterday, Nintendo announced another of its Indie World Showcase video presentations.

It’s a bit like a Nintendo Direct for indies (but don’t call then “Nindies” anymore, Nintendo has gone off that name) and you should expect about 20 minutes of video footage for upcoming Nintendo Switch indie games.

They do like to announce these things at short notice, though. In this case, they’ve given Nintendo Switch fans just a day or so between the announcement and the presentation. So you’ll want to know what time it’s airing, and where you can watch it.

What time is the May 2022 Nintendo Indie Word Showcase?

The Indie World Showcase for May 2022 is scheduled for 7 am PT / 10 am ET /  3 pm BST on May 11, 2022.

And where can you watch it?

The May 2022 Indie World Showcase presentation is being broadcast by Nintendo on its YouTube channel. That means you could, of course, go and watch it there. But if you watch videos natively on YouTube, you are subject to the immense psychic damage caused by the live comment feed.

A far more sensible option is to watch it with us, here on Thumbsticks, right on this very page:

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