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Could Need for Speed Heat be just the tune-up EA’s street racing franchise needs?

Earlier today, the publisher dropped an announcement trailer for the newest entry in the long-running series. And, surprise! It’s coming out later this year. Fans can expect to explore the open world of Palm City on November 8th.

EA is releasing Heat almost exactly two years after Need for Speed Payback. That game was panned by critics and failed to earn EA the commercial payback they were doubtless hoping for.

Developer Ghost Games, who has shepherded the series since 2013’s Need for Speed Rivals, doesn’t seem to be radically reworking the formula. This entry is promising more racers vs. cops action, another open world and an “immersive narrative.” In fact, “more” seems to be the core promise of this new title.

“We’re delivering more options than ever before for players to be unique and make themselves known,” said Riley Cooper, Creative Director at Ghost Games, in a press release.

“Our fans have been clear that they want more cars, more customization, and more challenges, and we’re tuning up on every aspect. From your character’s style to your car’s performance and your driving style, we’re fuelling [sic] everyone’s creativity with this new game.”

The trailer reflects that focus on creativity.

“They destroy, so we design,” the trailer’s narrator says. “They control, so we create.”

We’ll have to wait until November to see if Need for Speed Heat has the promised spark of creativity

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