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Attack while its tail is up … it’s gonna counterattack with its laser!

The Monaco Anime and Game International Conferences, or MAGIC for short, isn’t the best-known of the gaming conferences. But what it lacks in scope and attendance, well, it’s in Monaco. That’s a pretty great location if ever we saw one.

So even though it’s not the biggest conference, it’s easy to see why Tetsura Nomuya, director of both Kingdom Hearts III and the Final Fantasy VII Remake, chose to attend this relative minnow among gaming events.

And while there wasn’t any release date news that fans might have been hoping for – it’s fair to say the remake is a fair way off yet – he did have a couple of treats for the crown: two shiny new Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots, which were apparently taken in-engine, during gameplay.

Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots

The first shows Cloud ducking for cover, much like Noctis does in Final Fantasy XV. The stealth sections of Square Enix’s open-world RPG weren’t its finest moments, but the mechanic infiltrating the Imperial bases makes perfect sense for Final Fantasy VII Remake. There are numerous occasions – the first Mako Reactor mission, the second Mako Reactor mission, the Shinra Tower, Junon – that would benefit from their new Metal Gear Solid-lite perfectly, just like Uncharted 4 did last year.

The second of the new Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots is even more exciting, though; it shows Cloud and Barrett’s battle with the first enormous boss, the infamous Guard Scorpion.

Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots Guard Scorpion

And for comparison, the original Guard Scorpion, from way back in 1997:

Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots Guard Scorpion

There’s barely any difference at all, right? It’s hardly even worth remaking it.

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