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Cast off childish things – like garish green lighting – with the very new, very grown-up Razer Atheris wireless gaming mouse.

Ambidextrous, wireless gaming mouse. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?

Any slight delay in response times or possibility for wireless device interference is totally unacceptable, and the shape not being designed for your right (or left) hand would render it unplayable, right?

Now, let me just wind things back a second there. Are you a professional CS:GO player, or play in the newly formed Overwatch league? Does your livelihood, whether you pay the rent or put food on the table, live or die based on one pixel’s worth of sensitivity or a millisecond of input lag?

Thought not.

And if you are an esports professional and those things do apply to you? Then I’m not sure why you’re reading this, because not only is this not the right mouse for you, your sponsorship deal probably provides you with so many mice you could open a pet store.

But if you’re like us, who like to play games and are occasionally a bit good at them, but also need to do real work things and sometimes travel away from our comfy desk setup? Then the new Razer Atheris wireless mouse might be just up your street.

Razer Atheris wireless mouse portable


Well for starters, it’s wireless, which is incredibly useful, impact on gaming performance be damned. It’s also both Bluetooth and wireless compatible, meaning you can use it with or without the provided dongle, which also can be stored inside the mouse for easy transport.

It’s also got a very long battery life. Razer reckons the Atheris can pull up to 350 hours on a single set of AA batteries, which is pretty remarkable if accurate (but as always with these things, we’re sure your mileage may vary).

And it also looks rather swish. As well as being symmetrical for ambidextrous usage (which is a surprisingly rare thing in higher-end mice) the Razer Atheris looks rather grown up for a gaming mouse. You wouldn’t be embarrassed to take it out your bag in an important meeting, and we can’t say that of most gaming peripherals.

Razer have been making strides in this regard recently – perhaps realising that people who play games also might have grown up jobs and not want all their things covered in nuclear waste green snake heads – including its new gunmetal and white peripherals, and the updated Razer Blade Stealth that does away with chroma keys in favour of subtle, white backlighting.

Whatever the case, we like it, and we hope Razer continue on this trend of grown up things for grown up players.

Oh, and it’s got a 7200 DPI optical sensor, five programmable buttons, adaptive frequency technology for uninterrupted wireless connectivity, and weighs a mere 66g excluding batteries. Because it’s Razer, so you should still be able to play games effectively with it, even if it does look sensible.

The Razer Atheris is priced at U.S. $49.99 / €59.99 / £54.99 and is available now from the Razer Store, with retail availability expected in Q4 2017.

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