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This announcement has been a long time coming, but the new Razer laptops are finally available to order in the UK and Europe.

We’ve traditionally not done well for getting our hands on Razer laptops in the UK and Europe. The splendid, lightweight gaming laptops have very rarely made their way across the Atlantic – save for in the hand luggage of an export duty-avoiding traveller who isn’t afraid of battling a US keyboard mapping – but now Razer are doing us all a favour; if you’ve got plenty of cash to spare.

When Razer announced the Blade Stealth and Core graphics dock back in January, we received confirmation that they would indeed be coming to the UK and Europe, but the timescales were unclear. Since then, the Razer Blade laptop has had a 2016 refresh (and been updated to the latest Pascal series Nvidia GPUs) and the flagship Razer Blade Pro – resplendent with a 17″ screen and GTX 1080 – has also been announced.

After an agonising ten-month wait, the new Razer laptops – the Blade Stealth and 2016 Blade – are available to order right now from the Razer store, in the UK and mainland Europe.

The Razer Blade Stealth is expected to ship in the next couple of weeks, and ranges from 128GB SSD model with a QHD screen at £999.99, right through to the high-end model toting a 1TB SSD and 4K screen for a whopping £1949.99. That’s a lot of money but it is a damn lovely Ultrabook, and when the Razer Core graphics dock launches it will elevate the stylish road warrior into a fully-fledged gaming platform.

The 2016 Razer Blade, featuring a desktop-class, 6GB Nvidia GTX 1060, is available to pre-order now, and is expected to ship in mid-November. It comes in two main variants, with touch or non-touch display options. The 1080p version of the non-touch model with a 256GB SSD starts at £1749.99, through to a QHD+ version with touch screen and a 1TB SSD for an eye-watering £2649.99.

That’s a lot of money, but the Razer laptops are some of the best-specification laptops you can buy right now – for video editing, development, or serious, hardcore gaming – but it tips the scales at around 1.9kg.

We’ll let you know when the Razer Core and Razer Blade Pro are available to order and are expected to ship. We’re reliably informed it won’t be another ten months.

Shop for the new Razer laptops direct from the Razer store. No, really. You can actually order them.

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