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New trailer for Airplane Mode introduces brilliant Bennett Foddy cameo

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This is, ah, your captain speaking. Thank you for, um, choosing to, ah, fly with Thumbsticks for your, um, Airplane Mode news.

There’s another slow-paced, hyper-realistic grabbing the headlines at the moment. Yes, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the big news, but there’s another kind of flight simulator that we’re excited for here at Thumbsticks.

Airplane Mode, by Hosni Auji, is kind of like a walking simulator. But instead of walking, you spend the entire game sitting in your seat on a long airline flight. You’d think that would be boring, but there’s something irresistibly compelling about it. Particularly with air travel (mostly, if you’re sensible) off the table right now.

And now there’s a new trailer for Airplane Mode, which introduces the game’s captain, a voice that you might find familiar.

Yes, that’s Bennett Foddy, of QWOP, Getting Over it With Bennett Foddy, Ape Out, and the New York Game Center lending his soothing tones to bring Airplane Mode’s experience to life.

Airplane Mode originally featured just a six-hour flight option, from New York to Reykjavik, but will now feature a second, two-and-a-half-hour flight to Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada when the game launches later this year.

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