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The Nier: Automata demo is completely free, with no strings attached. No pre-order, no sign up; just download and enjoy.

Nier: Automata, by the upcoming action RPG by the veterans at Square Enix, is all looking rather promising. After a strong showing at E3 and a well-received gameplay trailer in autumn – and now that Final Fantasy XV has finally been released – anticipation has been building for its February 23, 2017 release date.

Speaking of Final Fantasy XV, there’s something of a cross-over between Nier: Automata and Square Enix’s other main franchises. Android heroine 2B will be able to equip Noctis’s signature weapon from Final Fantasy XV, the ‘Engine Blade’, and the ‘Cypress Stick’ from the Dragon Quest series.

The game looks so good in its own right, though. Square Enix don’t need to be worrying about shiny trinkets and flimsy cross-overs to get that point across. Still, marketing teams need to do something for their salary.

Now players will be able to find out for themselves, though: there’s currently a Nier: Automata demo available to download now on PS4. Head to the PlayStation Store to download the Nier: Automata demo. You’ll need round 4.4GB free to fit it in.

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