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There’s a Night in the Woods Switch version coming, very soon

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Night in the Woods is making the Switch to Nintendo’s portable console. Making the Switch. Honestly, we’ll get bored of that gag eventually.

In autumn last year, Night in the Woods developer Infinite Fall took to Twitter to announce that a sort of Director’s Cut – the Weird Autumn update – would be coming out on December 13th, for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, and Linux.

That announcement, of course, was exciting. But there was an extremely thinly-veiled reference to another, at-the-time unannounced version of the game, for another console:

Which was obviously the Nintendo Switch. It wasn’t going to be the Ouya, that’s for sure.

And because Twitter is the place for game announcements now – it’s literally the only reason we hang out there, that and the cute animals – they have again taken to the short-form medium to confirm the release of the Night in the Woods Switch version:

Which is ace. While people were fawning over Cuphead’s undeniably impressive but problematic art style, we were loving Night in the Woods. At a glance it’s stylistically simple and slick, like the most beautiful papercut cartoon, but comes together for a stunningly cohesive whole, full of charm, quirk and pathos.

Also, there’s this:

Got cups on my ears

Seriously, it’s freaking adorable.

You should totally get Night in the Woods when it launches on Nintendo Switch on February 1st, 2018.

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