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‘Anti-Brexit experience’ Not Tonight is coming to Nintendo Switch

The Not Tonight: Take Back Control edition comes to Nintendo Switch just in time for Brexit. Maybe.



Not Tonight Nintendo Switch
No More Robots / Thumbsticks

The Not Tonight: Take Back Control edition comes to Nintendo Switch just in time for Brexit. Maybe.

There are certain release dates and video games that are made for one another. Dating sims pair well with February 14, or St. Valentine’s day. Horror games and Halloween go great together.

And a game about the dystopian future facing the UK after it leaves the EU? Why, you’d release that on the day the UK is going to leave the EU, of course.



  • The UK has already had several allegedly immovable “deadlines” for leaving the EU.
  • The UK keeps going back to the EU with its tail between its legs to ask for an extension.
  • The UK can extend it indefinitely as far as Thumbsticks is concerned.
  • In fact, why not scrap the whole thing altogether?
  • No, we will not keep politics out of video games, shut up.

It makes sense, then, that developer PanicBarn and publisher No More Robots has today announced that Not Tonight – the “anti-Brexit experience” – comes to Nintendo Switch on January 31, 2020. That’s the (next) day the UK (allegedly) leaves the EU, if you’ve not been keeping up with the news.

“Fun fact: The Switch version of Not Tonight was ready in October, but when they delayed Brexit to January, we followed suit, just so we could launch at the same time” – Mike Rose, director, No More Robots

Specifically, the Nintendo Switch release will be the Not Tonight: Take Back Control edition, which includes the base game and its DLC, One Love.

To make the Not Tonight Switch announcement, Mike Rose of No More Robots has put together a Cassetteboy-style video of UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announcing the news.

It’s very clever, but also, very upsetting. Which is exactly the effect Rose was aiming for, we’d wager.

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